Mona Khodairy

Founder - Managing Director
EL khodairy for ECOTAQA

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday, 11:00 – 18:30
DescriptionOne of the first companies specializing in the implementation of biogas plants (biogas) and and alternative energy solutions to achieve sustainable development. Work under permission of the Egyptian Ministry of the Environment for the implementation of certified environmental specifications. Our company has been in collaboration with the ministry to train a number of engineers and construction workers on Technology and the establishment of biogas units. In little over a2 year we have implemented more than 220 units in 10 provinces and strive to provide our units all over the country and the African and Arab countries and its development always for the better. Biogas units are a perfect solution for recycling waste such as animal, agriculture, and house hold for the production of bio-gas and organic fertilizer, lighting and soon electric power to be provided in remote areas seeking to resolve energy problems to meet the basic needs of individuals to be able to focus on the development of society.  Need to get rid of your waste in an ecological way, produce by-products that could provide a sustainable source of organic fertilizer,( ECOTAQA solutions) 
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Cityluxor, AL Mesawia - Esna- Luxor Google map
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    ECOTAQA company for biogas plants (Renewable energy)

    We build biogas units and do seminars and workshops for farmers to let them know more about renewable energy and recycling of waste from livestock and poultry to save gas cylinders, and get fertilizers. Many engineers and construction workers have been trained on biogas technology under the supervision of our company , so I wish to attend the program, so that I can communicate with a large number of women entrepreneurs , And to share our knowledge and cultures, I would like to communicate directly with investors so that I can find out how I can finance or get fund to grow my Business , Many engineers and construction workers have been trained on biogas technology under the supervision of our company , And wish to cooperate with women entrepreneurs and international organizations who are interested in deploying renewable energy and organic fertilizer
    This event is extremely important because of strengthen cooperation and international partnership. Our business is really suffering and need to make more links and connect with investors and co-operate with the others who work in the same field, for that this opportunity would be an added value.

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