Gaza Central Drug Store

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday, 11:00 – 18:30
  • Thursday, 11:00 -14:30
DescriptionThe Central Gaza Drug Store is an individual pharmaceutical company owned by Hassan Yousuf Ahmed Sharab, established in 1983 as the first drug store in the Gaza Strip. Since then, we have been working to meet the needs of all the regions and governorates of the sector of the necessary and necessary drugs through distributing and marketing the best and best types of medicines, And its alternatives to suit all segments and categories of the population of the sector, whether local or foreign professional high, and we consider one of the largest drug distribution warehouses in the Palestinian territories in terms of the number of pharmaceutical products that we market.
Organization Type Company
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      Learning from the most successful people in the private business

      Take advantage of the experiences of people in the international labor market and exchange views on the latest methods used in business management.
      We are a successful company in Gaza and we are considered the most famous Medical Drug Warehouse in it. Through my participation, I want to make use of the experts in this field.
      I believe through my participation I will benefit greatly to develop all my business.

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