Asmaa Ali

CEO & Founder at Qarawya
Qarawya for Community Development

Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday, 11:00 -14:30
DescriptionQarawya: is an NGO dedicated to the general development of women to empower them on both the social and economic levels, also to spread awareness in different fields. One of Qarawya projects is: "ANNAKATO", Means Our Home by the Nubian language "NUBA is a part of Egypt Located in Aswan governorate", Women always produce unique handicrafts with high quality but they do not know how to market them to get money, Those handicrafts usually producing it from the palm tree waste, They go to the farm and ask the farmers to give them the green waste instate of burning it, (Our country has a big number of the palm tree), then they make a beautiful handicrafts, handmade products, My startup aims on empowering those women by learning them new modern handmade designs & improving their packaging ideas, Then market these unique products through online platform / online shop. The idea itself covering three important parts: - Social Entrepreneurship: by empowering women and working with these women inside the Egyptian small villages to increase their incomes, Innovation: work on products development concept & R & D. Green Entrepreneurship and sustainable Development: Transfer the green waste of the palm and trees to using handmade products, instead of burning them to keep our environment clean. Technology Management: -Using different Social Media channels & Online shop (platform/website) to market the products and their stories.
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CityAswan81653, EDFU, ASWAN, EGYPT Google map
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