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People of the Mediterranean

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DescriptionPeople of the Mediterranean is an interview project about young entrepreneurs and creatives around the Mediterranean.
"People of the Mediterranean" is an innovative interview project and blog created in summer 2017. The project aims to connect people and cultures across the Mediterranean and beyond. The initiative focuses on young entrepreneurs and creatives from the 22 Mediterranean countries. 

The blog gives a voice to the young people on both shores of the Mediterranean. 

In interviews, they speak about their projects and personal stories, share their learnings along the way and give valuable advice to those interested in engaging in a similar professional adventure. 

Moreover, they talk about the opportunities and challenges of their countries. 

Since the project also aims to foster mutual knowledge and cultural exchange, the young people reveal their favorite places to visit and favorite festivals to attend. 

Readers of the blog that can't travel right away to these Mediterranean countries, can start their journey by discovering Mediterranean culture through music, books, and films, recommended by the young entrepreneurs and creatives.

The first interviews of the project were done in Tunisia in September 2017. In the upcoming weeks, over 11 interviews of this first edition will be published on the project website. Follow the project as well on Facebook and Instagram. 

The next edition of the project will focus on Spain.
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