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 Buyers Workshop

The Buyers’ Workshop is  jointly organized by UfM, UNIDO and ASCAME. This special session is dedicated to women entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean, and will shed light on the challenges they face in terms of access to market and on how to identify and seize market opportunities. Concretely, this session will first give the opportunity to women entrepreneurs from the MENA region, as well as from Europe, to share their experiences/success stories and to learn from each other. The session will also feature European buyers providing insights on how to identify and seize market opportunities in Europe.

 B2B Matchmaking

Together, UNIDO, UfM and ASCAME launched the initiative to host B2B sessions within the framework of the MedaWeek. These will be held in parallel to the event’s fora and will unravel over the course of one and a half days (22 November all day, and 23 November in the morning). About 50 businesswomen will be traveling from the Southern Mediterranean to meet with respective European counterparts. The B2Bs are open to all participants, who can register on this platform. Economic leaders from all over the Euro-Mediterranean region, representing key sectors,  are expected to participate in the MedaWeek, which  offers a unique opportunity to establish fruitful business exchanges.

 Women Entrepreneurship Technical Tours

As part of the package, Women Entrepreneurs from MENA Region will have the opportunity to visit a prominent local company (3 options will be offered). The objective is to foster cross-border cooperation in the region by bringing businesses from both sides of the Mediterranean closer together. Technical tours are also designed to give hands-on feel for businesswomen, such as the delegation coming from North Africa and the Middle East. Women entrepreneurs will be accompanied and guided by the organizers, and will have the chance to meet with leaders of these businesses while visiting the physical production spaces.


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